Ruea Hang Yao

We took an early boat ride out to Railay beach, a storm met us halfway there
and I lost my favorite hat (r.i.p.).

I situated myself on the front of the boat to get a better angle and enjoyed a soft warm wind, mixed with the occasional spray of salt water, which cooled the intense heat of the sun. As we approached our destination, the light changed and rain started to fall. At first it was light and enjoyable, but it quickly changed into a heavy pour that would come and go during a muddy climb through the forest.

The combination of heavy rain, mud, and a steep slope encouraged me to put my camera away and I only took it out once more to photograph a vantage point we had made it to.

From then until the moment I made it back to my hostel, I stayed present and enjoyed my time with new friends.
We spent time on a beach underneath beautiful cliffs and I kept an eye out for monkeys that had a thing for shiny bags.

Ao Nang

After a short visit, Ao Nang beach left me with mixed emotions.

The town itself felt strange, but the mixture of light, life, and the bay made my short time there worth while.

Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam

Just 35km north of Krabi Town lies a dense mangrove forest thriving over the clear waters of Tha Pom Khlong Sang Nam.

Pay a small fee of 50 baht that goes towards preserving the park and you’ll gain access to an ecological marvel hidden away from the tourist masses. A boardwalk takes you over the lagoon and through a well preserved nature park that is usually packed by locals on the weekends. Freshwater from nearby mountains mix with the seawater from Phang Nga Bay to create a surreal blue-emerald color. I was lucky to find myself there on a rainy day with nearly no one around, the quiet sounds of life resonated a vibrant energy.

nai yang
night market

There was a smell of grilled meats and sweet treats in the air.

I had always heard that the best food in Thailand was served on the streets, my first experience did not disappoint. Every Wednesday and Friday, the locals gathered at a dirt lot filled with a diverse selection of food stalls. From fresh fruit to deep fried dough and insects, the selection was a bit overwhelming.

I had only brought 50 baht (roughly $1.50) and wound up with a skewer of grilled chicken meat, a bag of fried rice balls filled with red bean paste, and assortment of mini pancakes. One of my favorite memories so far was the long and dark walk home from the market, enjoying these new flavors and quiet sounds of the jungle around me.

nai yang beach

This was my introduction to Thailand.
I felt my nerves calm, the stress of travel fade away, and a different type of life come through.

The beach was empty and I found myself laying in the sun for hours. Only taking a few breaks to cool down in the calm clear water. The locals were kind and helpful, making light conversations and recommending different markets. Restaurants and shops looked ready to go, just waiting for the rainy season to finally end and the start of the bustling tourist season.

I only spent 3 nights here and I can’t wait to come back to this quiet beach town, away from the chaotic tourist destinations further south. If you find yourself flying in or out of Phuket, I highly recommend you make a stop to this little gem of a town.

layover in Seoul

I spent 14 hours in the Seoul airport.
It's one of the most beautiful airports I've ever been to. With different cultural experiences and amazing architecture, I decided to make a few quick images before taking a nap.
(Something needed after a restless 13 hour flight from LAX)

higher love

Find yourself in a wave of love
Let it take you from a place of need
It can only get better from here


We always parked a mile out of downtown,
it was the closest long term free parking we could find.
The walk was long and sometimes cold but it also seemed like a gift.
A lonely moment of time to gather your thoughts after a drive through the city.

textures of the tide

Warm memories of a cold beach.
The cloudy morning walks reminded me to look closely. The sand was slowly shapen by the different movements of nature and I felt change coming again.


The late night rhythm moves me
Vibrant colors soothe me